Peter Browne

Managing Partner

Peter Browne, our Managing Partner in our Irish office, has over 15 years of commercial experience at C-Level. He worked as CFO for a large PEO and Payroll provider in the USA, before returning home to Ireland. Upon returning he saw the plight of Irish and UK company’s trying to navigate the employment law in the USA and Canada. Peter manages all aspects of our Irish office, including the Sales, HR, and Payroll function, and sits on the Board of Directors at Odyssey Partners. In his spare time, Peter enjoys spending time with his kids and family.

Mike Parker

Business Development

Mike is a graduate of Trinity College where he earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. After some time at Vodafone as a Business Analyst, Mike found his calling in Payroll and Outsourced HR Services and served as a Regional Sales Manager for for Paysmart.

Mike is an avid golfer and has completed two Iron Man competitions (although he is not sharing his time!)