Payroll Administration

Our team is experienced at managing the role of payroll for your Irish, UK, American, and Canadian staff

Photo of a payroll office with two specialists from Odyssey Partners having a meeting

We manage all aspects of the payroll process, including tracking hours, rates of pay, payroll taxes, employee benefit deductions, overtime, holiday pay, and more. 

We ensure that your payroll complies with current legislation both in Ireland and the UK and across the water. 

We look after the processing of the payroll, the payment of employees, and maintain payroll records on your behalf.


  • Fast onboarding

  • Electronic payslips

  • Customized reporting 

  • Payroll tax, state tax, and social security filed monthly

  • General ledge integration available

  • Year-end reporting

  • 1099 reporting also available

  • On-site HR solutions both domestically and internationally

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