Human Resources

At Odyssey Partners, we recognise that people are the real assets within any business or organisation

We make sure that all human resources processes are as straightforward and transparent as possible for all parties involved.

Our dedicated team manages all aspects of your company’s human resources practice for your employees in the United States of America and Canada.

This includes recruitment, handbook creation, termination, employee development, health and safety, and employee and labour relations. 

Photo of a human resources office with several HR specialists from Odyssey Partners sitting in a meeting

We are on hand for on-site HR as needed, both domestically and internationally 


  • Through our partner network, we can work with you on identifying and acquiring the right talent to grow your organization

  • Creating, re-drafting and negotiating contracts including employee and salary benefits

  • Termination of employee and contractor contracts

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Employee development is now the main driver for employee retention. Through our partner network, we can liaise with your team to provide tailored training, upskilling, and leadership development programs to engage and further develop your employees, allowing them to grow both professionally and personally.

Health & Safety

Odyssey Partners work with you to establish health and safety guidelines based on your employee’s role and work environment. We ensure that you are compliant with current health and safety laws and measures and that the agreed health and safety guidelines are implemented and maintained.

Employee & Labour Relations

We work with employers, employees, unions, and stakeholders on the full suite of the employee and labour relations function. This includes mediating disputes between employers and employees and between employees and other employees. Employee welfare is of paramount importance to us, and we work with all parties to come to a universal solution where issues arise.

A human resources meeting at Odyssey Partners